Experience the awe-inspiring Obelisk Tomb in Petra. Learn about its unique features including towering obelisks, burial chambers, and a stunning statue.

The Siq Oblisks in Petra

The Obelisk Tomb structure can be found on the left side of the road in Petra. This building is truly unique, consisting of two floors. The upper floor, dating back to the first century BC, contains a burial chamber with five graves. Above the chamber, there are four separate obelisks, each standing at about 7 meters tall.

Within the niche between the central obelisks, there is a striking statue of a man, possibly representing the tomb’s owner. At the base of the obelisks, there is a room with five pits symbolizing the graves. The lower floor, dating back to the first century AD, serves as a Nabataean funerary hall. This hall features a terrace on three sides, slightly elevated from the ground, where funeral dining parties for the deceased were held. Such halls are commonly found in Petra.

Across from the tomb, a bilingual Nabataean/Greek inscription reveals that Abd Mengu commissioned this tomb for himself and his children between 40-70 AD, during the reign of Nabataean king Malik II. The tomb showcases a blend of Egyptian architectural influence seen in the obelisks, combined with the Nabataean Arab culture. The obelisks, in this context, symbolize the soul of the deceased to the Nabataeans.

Explore the remarkable Obelisk Tomb in Petra. Marvel at the towering obelisks, burial chambers, and a striking statue in this unique structure now by visiting Petra today.

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