Explore the remarkable facade of The Court, a jar tomb from the first century AD. Discover its intricate architecture and historical significance.

The Court in Petra

Beyond the theater, across the way, lies a collection of significant facades. The initial facade is the jar tomb, originating from the first half of the first century AD. This facade spans 16.49 meters in width and 26 meters in height, featuring two levels of walls supporting arches beneath the vault hall. It is connected to burial chambers, some of which are carved while others are constructed. A staircase leads up to the vault courtyard at the pinnacle. The vault comprises a square hall measuring approximately 19 meters in length. Originally, the tombs were situated at the rear of the cemetery, but it was transformed into a church in the fifth century AD. Carved back squinches and additional side doors were incorporated. An inscription in Greek on the left rear section of the wall commemorates the conversion of the site into a church in 447 AD.

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