Witness the marvels of the Silk Burial Ground, an ancient tomb boasting stunning architectural design and an intriguing history.

Silk burial ground in Petra

The tomb, known for its rich sandy color, is situated north of the Jarrah Shrine and was built in the first half of the first century AD. Measuring 10.8 meters wide and 19 meters high, the façade features four columns attached to the wall with a gate in the center. A window sits above the gate, flanked by niches on each side between the columns. The columns are topped with a cornice, followed by half columns, another cornice, and decorative opposing stairs. Inside, the tomb consists of a square room measuring 16 x 4 m.

Uncover the mysteries of the Silk Burial Ground, an ancient tomb featuring impressive architecture and a captivating backstory by booking a day tour trip to Petra, Jordan.

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