The Palace Tomb in Petra, Jordan, is an architectural marvel that epitomizes the Nabatean kingdom’s craftsmanship and advanced understanding of engineering and artistry.

Palace tomb in Petra

The Corinthian cemetery lies to the north of this structure. Its facade measures 49 meters in width and 46 meters in height, featuring eight architectural layers. The base is made up of 12 pillars supporting a lintel, decorative arches, and a triangular pediment above four gates. Above the gates, there is another lintel, followed by 18 pillars, and then a series of short columns. At the top, there are arrangements that clearly display signs of weathering and erosion. The tomb has four entrances leading to burial chambers, some of which contain intricately carved tombs. The tomb earned its name due to its resemblance to an oriental-style palace, Why not see for yourself this magnificent tomb by booking a Petra day tour.

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