Step into history at the Mausoleum of the Roman Soldier. Learn about its fascinating architecture and the stories it holds.

Mausoleum of the Roman Soldier

Recent findings suggest that this symmetrical front was likely a burial complex with multiple front structures, shedding new light on the architectural expertise of the Nabataeans. The tomb can be accessed through a spacious courtyard flanked by two-story edifices, columns, doorways, and a religious annex. Across from the entrance, the rock facade of the tomb is adorned with columns that blend seamlessly with the front, creating a border for three arches. The central arch features a statue of a military official, after whom the tomb was named. Excavations reveal that the tomb’s courtyard dates back to the Nabataean era in the latter part of the 1st century AD, but it underwent modifications during the Roman period when the arena was constructed.

Discover the historical significance of the Mausoleum of the Roman Soldier, a burial complex with impressive architectural features and a statue of a military official by booking a day tour in Petra.

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