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Jordan Map Itineraries

When exploring Jordan, there are numerous sites and attractions to visit, making it challenging to decide where to begin. Our Jordanian itinerary suggestions provide some guidance. Which cities are essential to visit? What are the must-see spots in Amman? How can one make the most of 24 hours in Aqaba? Petra Adventures is pleased to present Jordanian itineraries that focus on insider recommendations and the most effective ways to maximize any visit, regardless of its duration. In addition to these itineraries, Petra Adventures offers a wide range of group day tours, tour packages, private tours, walking tours, and more. We take pride in offering a variety of touring options and Jordanian itineraries that bring the sounds, scents, and sights of Jordan to life. Explore different cities and attractions in Jordan with our Jordanian itinerary options.

Floating on the Dead Sea had always been a top priority for me. As a child, I used to gaze at pictures in textbooks and wonder if it was truly possible to float on the Dead Sea. Now, fueled by my wanderlust, I felt compelled to pack my bags and embark on a journey to Jordan! Although sailing would have been a fantastic option, we ultimately decided to fly. Hooray! Off to Jordan we go!

Embarking on a road trip is always an exciting prospect for us, but our decision to explore Jordan by renting a car was primarily driven by the lack of public transportation options. A road trip seemed like the perfect way to discover this captivating country. There is an indescribable joy in exploring a new country, getting lost a few times along the way, making impromptu stops for street food, and engaging in conversations with the locals. Here is a list of the cities and towns where we took breaks as we journeyed through barren lands, flourishing oases, and rolling green plains:

  1. Madaba
  2. Wadi Mujib
  3. South Shoonah (Ash-Shunah al-Janubiyah)
  4. Karak
  5. Dana Biosphere
  6. Petra
  7. Wadi Rum
  8. Aqaba
  9. Dead Sea
  10. Amman
  11. Jerash

While tourists flock to Petra and Wadi Rum, the small town of Madaba is often overlooked, allowing it to maintain its authentic charm as a typical Jordanian town. It is renowned for its Byzantine and Ummayad mosaics, particularly a large Byzantine-era mosaic map of The Holy Land in the Greek Orthodox Church. It is unfortunate that a significant portion of the map has been destroyed, but what remains is incredibly impressive and intriguing. As the Jordan River pours its water into the Dead Sea, the fish swim away from it!

Our vacation included a visit to this church, which was the sole religious aspect of our trip. We decided to skip Mt. Nebo and Bethany-Beyond the Jordan (the site of Jesus’ baptism) – a choice that may not have been made by many tourists. If you are seeking religious experiences, these destinations should be at the top of your list.

The ancient mosaics have inspired the locals to embrace the craft. Mosaic workshops can be found throughout the vicinity of St. George Church. Be prepared to spend a significant amount of money if you wish to purchase a quality piece to bring back home.

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Jordan’s scenic routes as you journey from Amman/Madaba to Petra. There are three highways to choose from, each offering its own unique charm.

The Desert Highway, also known as Highway 15, is the newest addition and the quickest way to reach your destination. However, if you’re seeking a truly mesmerizing adventure, look no further than the King’s Highway, also known as Highway 35. While it may take a bit longer, the breathtaking scenery along this route will leave you speechless.

It’s worth noting that the locals may not be familiar with the term “King’s Highway.” If you decide to take this enchanting path and need directions, simply ask for the way to Aqaba. Along the way, you’ll encounter some incredible pit stops, including Karak, At Tafila, Dana, Shobak, and of course, Petra.

As we embarked on our journey along the King’s Highway, we couldn’t help but be captivated by the stunning vistas that unfolded before us. Every few minutes, the views would leave us breathless, reminding us of the true beauty that lies within Jordan’s landscapes.

Al Karak Castle
Driving through Karak city is like navigating a labyrinth. The city’s roads are a confusing maze of one-ways – it’s like a real-life PACMan game!

Al Karak is a massive crusader castle in the Levant region. Built in the 1140s under the supervision of Pagan, Fulk of Jerusalem’s butler, the castle boasts impressive features like water cisterns, soldier quarters, and kitchens.

As we wandered through the castle halls, pretending to be kings and soldiers, a local guide noticed our bewildered expressions and kindly showed us around the ruins. We tipped him with a $10 bill, which seemed to neither please nor displease him.

Inside the castle, we enjoyed a cup of tea at the restaurant. The ancient drapes and stone walls created an atmosphere fit for royalty – John and I decided to switch roles and play ‘King and Queen’.

After a long drive of one and a half hours, we finally arrived at the breathtaking Dana Biosphere. The view from the viewpoint was absolutely stunning, showcasing the rugged terrain in all its glory. However, due to my obsession with capturing the same flowers from different angles throughout the day (thanks to my trusty SLR camera and its spacious memory card), I didn’t have much time left to truly immerse myself in the beauty of the Dana wilderness.

We embarked on our Petra adventure bright and early the next morning, eager to beat the crowds and make the most of our time in the enchanting “Rose City”. Petra greeted us with its dusty winds and cool spring weather, instantly transporting us back in time to an era bustling with vibrant colors and lively activity.

The journey through the Siq, a 2.5 km path leading to the Treasury, allowed us to marvel at the wonders of Mother Nature. But it was at the Treasury itself where we truly witnessed the brilliance of human creativity. Our guide informed us that this magnificent structure was actually a tomb, and its grandeur was beyond anything we could have imagined. The intricate carvings and majestic pillars brought ancient beliefs and the desire for eternal life to life, even if only in stone.

Our guide suggested that we continue our exploration and make our way to the Monastery/Al Dier, an even larger structure than the Treasury. From there, we would be treated to breathtaking views of the Petra rock formations. As we stood there, we couldn’t help but wonder what Petra must have been like in its prime – bustling with traders, the sound of donkeys braying, caravans of camels passing by, and the lively music and entertainment. It must have been like stepping into a bustling city mall, but with the added charm of animals.

Sandy terrain and grandeur of the rocks at Wadi Rum

We arrived at the Wadi Rum tourist center just past noon. The scenery in Wadi Rum was unlike anything we had seen in the country so far – red sand with towering rock formations reaching up to 150 meters high, creating a perfect moonscape.

Our guide, Ahmad, welcomed us at the entrance to the Wadi Rum protected area and we hopped into a 4X4 vehicle to begin our desert exploration. Sitting in the open rear seats, Aoud led us through the desert, visiting 8 different spots in Wadi Rum over the course of 5 hours. My favorite part of the entire Wadi Rum experience was sandboarding! I may not have been very skilled, falling flat every 30 meters, but it was an unforgettable experience. My shoes were filled with sand and my pockets were constantly being emptied of the stuff – a definite must-try!

As the clock struck 5:30 pm, we made our way to a peaceful spot to witness the sunset. Spring had brought life to the desert, with small white flowers carpeting the plains. Climbing onto a rock, we watched as the desert transformed with the setting sun – a truly romantic moment. The massive rocks shifted in color from red to brown, purple, grey, and finally black. The night sky was a breathtaking sight, adorned with over a million twinkling stars!

Aqaba: Does the Red Sea Truly Appear Red in Aqaba?

Aqaba became the perfect escape for Ankur, a place where he could truly unwind and let go of all his worries. It was a time to indulge in the simple pleasures of life – eating, drinking, and being merry. As we relaxed by the sea, we were treated to a mesmerizing belly dance show later in the evening.

The second day in Aqaba brought a new level of excitement for me. I decided to dive into the depths of the Red Sea, exploring the renowned Japanese Gardens. And to my surprise, the Red Sea was not red at all! The vibrant corals and their impeccable health rivaled even those found in the Maldives. Countless sea goldies gracefully swam by, leaving me in awe.

Diving in the Red Sea at Aqaba was an unforgettable experience.

As the evening approached, we embarked on a drive to Tala Bay, eagerly anticipating the breathtaking sunset. We spent a few precious moments at the corniche, basking in the gentle glow of the fading light. Continuing our journey, we ventured closer to the border of Saudi Arabia. It was a fascinating sight – standing in Jordan, with Saudi Arabia to our left. Across the vast expanse of the Red Sea, we could see the territories of Egypt on the left and Palestine on the right.

Aqaba truly offered a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural diversity, making it a destination like no other.

We departed from Aqaba at 9 am the following day to make our way to the Dead Sea in the afternoon. The drive along the Dead Sea Highway was scenic, and within 3 hours, we caught our first glimpse of the Dead Sea. The sight of the calm lake with white crustation along the shore got us really excited.

We also visited one of the most interesting places next to the dead sea in North Shoonah, called PeaceWadi. The camp offers hospitality, ecotourism, social entrepreneurship, agriculture, and environmental innovation through farm tours, events, and partnerships with social initiatives and environmental projects.

After we enjoyed our time at PeaceWadi, we had to rest at our hotel, Crowne Plaza, I was buzzing with anticipation – it was time to check off a bucket list item. We wasted no time and headed straight to the Dead Sea beach. Ankur took on the role of cameraman as I waded into the salty water, which appeared denser than regular seawater. Venturing further until I was waist-deep, I paused to take it all in. The urge to try floating was irresistible. Looking around, I noticed a few people effortlessly ‘bobbing’ on the surface. With a deep breath, I kicked my heels up and suddenly, I was floating! I experienced the sensation of floating over the Dead Sea – bucket list item achieved! I even posed with a newspaper for Ankur to capture the moment.

For more information on the Dead Sea and floating experience, click here.

Amman: The Vibrant City of Amman!
Our final day was dedicated to exploring Amman. We had a room booked at Genny’s B&B, the top-rated B&B on Tripadvisor, and we were pleased with our choice.

In the evening, we strolled along Rainbow Street, lined with charming restaurants. The next morning, after a hearty breakfast at Genny’s B&B, we set out to discover the city. Our itinerary included visits to the Citadel, the Roman Theater, and a must-try middle eastern lunch at Hashem, a famous restaurant in Jordan known for it’s tasty Hommous and Foul dishes.

What an incredible adventure it has been! From making new friends to immersing ourselves in a new culture and savoring delicious food, these past ten days have been absolutely unforgettable. And let’s not forget about all the amazing experiences we were able to check off our bucket list! But now, it’s time for us to say goodbye and make our way back home. Home Sweet Home awaits us at the airport. If you have any questions or need any more information, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. I’m always here to help. Here’s to the growth of our ever-expanding tribe of travelers!

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