Visit Al Deir (Monastery) in Petra and be amazed by its grandeur. Learn about its courtyard, statues, and the fascinating history behind this monument.

Al Deir (Monastery)

The largest carved monument in Petra is known for its impressive dimensions of 47 x 48.3 meters. While it resembles a treasury, the original sculptures have been replaced by niches to house statues. Adjacent to the façade, there was a courtyard enclosed by columns. Upon entering the room, two seats were positioned on either side, leading to a cubic platform where the gods were placed. Originally utilized as a courthouse to pay homage to the King and God, it later served as a monastery. The Byzantines transformed it into a place of worship for monks, adorning the platform with a white-painted cross, hence earning its name as the monastery.

Unveil the wonders of Al Deir (Monastery) in Petra now and book a day trip to Petra in Jordan. Experience its grand dimensions, courtyard, and the fascinating journey from courthouse to monastery.

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